Animal Registration

Picture of a dog with tagsIn the interest of public health and in order to maintain good records on companion animals located within the City of Buda, every dog and cat in the City must be licensed and registered.
License and registration may be obtained at City Hall located at 121 Main St. in Buda, TX. The license fee is $10.00 and is good for one year, beginning the day you purchase the license. Please complete the City of Buda Animal Registration Form and take it with you to City Hall.

Obtaining a proper City registration for your animal, keeping the registration current and displaying the tag on our pet benefits you in the following ways.

- Enables us to locate the proper owner of the animal faster.
- Helps to return your possible lost pet to you quicker.
- Provides a point to contact for us to contact you should any health, safety or security issue arise concerning your animal.