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                                        NEW Development Guide
The City of Buda is excited to introduce the updated Development Guide. We are dedicated to assist applicants in planning and navigating the development review and permitting process.

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House Bill 3167

The City of Buda has adjusted our administrative process to comply with HB 3167. Staff will be working with the Planning & Zoning Commission and City Council to amend our Unified Development Code and other affected ordinances, as needed. We will continue to work with applicants and developers as we strive to meet the needs of our citizens.

House Bill 3167 amends the Local Government Code to revise provisions relating to municipal and county approval procedures for land development applications. With respect to municipalities, the bill, among other provisions, provides for municipal approval of a subdivision development plan and for the extension of the approval deadline for a plat. With respect to counties, the bill, among other provisions, shortens the deadline for approval of a plat application.

House Bill 3167, with respect to both municipalities and counties, sets out a procedure by which the applicable entity that conditionally approves or disapproves a plan, plat, or plat application is required to provide the applicant a written statement of the conditions for the conditional approval or reasons for disapproval. The bill provides for the satisfaction and remedy of those conditions and reasons by the applicant and for the approval of the previously conditionally approved or disapproved plan, plat, or plat application.

We have provided a link with additional information on House Bill 3167: Texas House Bill 3167


MyPermitNow Online Permitting

For permitting, please contact the Permit Technician by email at or by phone at 512-523-1077.

Click here to download the instructional guide which walks you through the process of setting up a user account, applying for permits and other functions of the MyPermitNow system. If you do not have access to a computer or the internet, you can submit a paper application to the Building Permit Office located at 405 E. Loop Street, Building 100, by email to the permitting department, or by fax at (512) 295-3382, Attn: Permit Coordinator.

If you have questions about how to use the MyPermitNow system, please contact the Permit Coordinator by email or phone at 512-523-1077. You may also contact MyPermitNow customer support directly at 1-866-95PERMIT (73764) or

Please be aware that the MyPermitNow online system works best when using the Mozilla Firefox internet browser, which can be downloaded for free at the Mozilla Firefox website.

Contractor Registration

Contractor Registration Form - UPDATED
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Land Development & Zoning Related Applications

Application Acceptance Checklist for Site Development Review
Traffic Impact Analysis Threshold Worksheet
Subdivision Parks Review Application
Certificate of Design Compliance Application with Examples
Certificate of Design Compliance Application for Signs with Examples


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