Bond Proposition Information

Municipal Building South Entry
On November 4, 2014, the City of Buda held its first Bond Election. All five propositions passed. Work has started to progress on the bond projects.

The bond election included five separate propositions that addressed three primary areas – (1) Facilities, (2) Basic Infrastructure (streets, sidewalks, drainage and flooding) and (3) Parks and Trails.

The bond is comprised of the following propositions:  

PROPOSITION 1: Municipal Facility $21 million 
A multi-purpose building to house a library, municipal court, city hall, community multi-purpose space and emergency-preparedness space.

PROPOSITION 2: Public Safety Facility $6.75 million 
A facility to house the police department and related emergency and training facilities.

PROPOSITION 3: Streets $12.25 million 
Street projects identified in the City’s Transportation Master Plan and Downtown Plan, including improvements to the intersection of FM 967 and Main St., other improvements along Main St., and work on Old Goforth Rd. and San Antonio St.

PROPOSITION 4: Drainage $7 million 
Flood Control, runoff and other drainage projects as identified in the City’s Master Drainage Plan, including West Goforth Area Flooding, FM 2770 Fire Station Area Flooding, Bluff Street Area Flooding, Houston Street Area Flooding, Oxbow Neighborhood Flooding and Lifschutz Headwaters Area Flooding.

PROPOSITION 5: Parks and Trails $8 million 
Improvements to City Park and various trails as identified in the City Parks, Recreation, Trails and Open Space Master Plan, including public parks and recreational facilities on both the east and west side of the city. 


We now have a live camera on the Municipal site which is operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Click on the "Live Municipal Site" link above to see it. 

You can also find the link to the camera on our home page in two places. You will see it in the revolving box next to City News. You will also find it at the bottom right of our homepage. There you will see a Municipal Site Live Camera box, with the link below.

Buda Bond Blog Updates

  1. Proposition 1 and 2 - Exterior and Interior Building Finishes

    If you're wondering what the interior or exterior finishes of the new City Hall, Library, or Public Safety building will look like, we've provided the presentation below.  City Hall, Library, and Public Safety Building Finishes

    Bond updates graphic
  2. Proposition 3 Update - Streets

    At the March 21, 2017 City Council Meeting, council discussed the Conceptual Intersection Medallion and Sidewalk Aesthetic Concepts of Main Street at RM 967. As far as the sidewalk options go, council seemed to favor Concept 3. Council requested that...

    Bond updates graphic
  3. Proposition 5 - City Park Plan

    A few meetings back City Council discussed the improvements for City Park. This is part of Proposition 5.  I realized that I never shared the plan here, so I've included the link below.    City Park Plan David Marino, Public Information Officer

    Bond updates graphic