Buda Connect Mobile App


Buda Connect - Mobile App

The City of Buda is pleased to announce the launch of its free mobile app, Buda Connect. The mobile app is a platform that the City of Buda will use to increase communication between Buda residents and City staff by allowing resident engagement through service request submissions within the city limits and message submissions, as well as, getting information to residents directly through their smartphones.

App users can also use the app widgets to utilize other City services such as, paying a bill, receiving notifications on City alerts through NotifyMe, applying for a building permit through MyPermitNow and more.

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The app can be downloaded for free to both Apple and Android devices through their app stores by searching “BudaConnect.”

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Once downloaded, users can sign up for the app one of two ways: they can login through their Facebook account or they can create an account using their email.


Buda Connect allows for citizens to submit requests through their smart device or desktop. When using their smart device request submissions can be geo-located in real-time or they can pinpoint the issue by entering an address or dragging a pin to the area in which the issue has occurred. Request submissions can be sent for a multitude of categories ranging from reporting a pothole to asking the library a question.

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Request submissions have the ability to be sent to staff both publicly and privately. All requests made public can be viewed on the app through the “View Nearby Requests” tab on the app. Citizens can view and even follow requests in order to get updates on any submissions they may be interested in.


For more information regarding the Buda Connect mobile app, visit www.ci.buda.tx.us/budaconnect. You can download and access the app at: