City Manager - Bio

MIcah Grau, ICMA-CM, was appointed  the City of Buda Interim City Manager effective April 1, 2022.

Mr. Grau, who joined the City of Buda in January 2017 as Assistant City Manager before being promoted to Deputy City Manager in April 2019, is now responsible for the day-to-day operations of the city as its Interim City Manager. In this role, he also applies strategic direction; implements council policies, and coordinates community issues in a City with an $87,700,000 budget. 

Prior to joining the City of Buda, Grau was interim city manager and assistant city manager for the City of Hutto. He previously served at Hutto’s Director of Finance, as well as its Budget and Special Projects Coordinator. 

Mr. Grau has served in leadership positions with the Texas City Managers Association and is a member of International City Managers Association (ICMA). He is a Certified Mediator, ICMA Certified Manager, and attended the Strategic Government Resources Supervisor’s Academy,

Mr. Grau earned his Master of Public Administration degree from Texas State University and his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Texas A&M University.

Micah Grau Interim City Manager