Election Information

Stay Safe in the Polling Place

General Overview

Elections for the City of Buda are governed by Article V of the City Charter and the Texas Election Code. The City Clerk is the Chief Elections Officer for the City, and the City Clerk's Office administers most of the City's election related activities. The City contracts with the Hays County Elections Administrator for the conduct of the election.  The following information outlines the election process for voters, candidates, and other interested parties regarding City of Buda elections.  

For information on the upcoming election, including the date and location of the next election as well as which Candidates have filed for candidacy, click here

Types of Elections:
  • Regular Elections for Mayor and City Council
    • Currently set to occur every November on the Uniform Election Date.
  • Special Elections: Both the City Charter and state law create a number of potential Special elections that the City may have to administer. These include:
    • Initiative Elections: These elections are authorized by the City Charter, and allow Citizens to draft ordinances (local laws) and place them on the ballot for consideration by the voters. If approved, ordinances adopted by initiative take effect just as if they had been passed by City Council.
    • Referendum Election: These elections are authorized by the City Charter, and allow Citizens to suspend an ordinance passed by the City Council until such time as the Citizens can vote to either repeal or uphold it.
    • Recall Election: These elections are authorized by the City Charter, and allow Citizens to require a sitting councilmember or mayor to face a retention election before the end of their term of office. Councilmembers subject to a recall election continue to serve unless and until they are recalled by the voters.
    • Statutory Elections: Several provisions in state law require the City to hold a special election under certain circumstances. Examples include local option liquor law elections and tax rollback elections.
More information on regular and special elections can be found in Article V of the City Charter, or in the Texas Election Code.

Single Member Districts

Single Member Districts were approved in 2018.  For more information on the boundaries of the districts, click here to see a inital map of the districts approved in 2018.  The boundaries have been updated since 2018 due to recent annexations.  Click here to see the revised map.