Proposition 1 - City Hall & Library 

The City Hall and Library building, at 54,683 interior square feet, will be the new home of the Library and City administrative offices, City Council Chambers, Economic Development Corporation, and provide much-needed group meeting space that will be available for citizen groups. The design of the new municipal facilities conveys a sense of transparency, encouraging residents to observe, participate, and engage in the processes that shape their evolving city. The citizen-focused City Hall and Library Building will create a central hub for Buda civic life and lay the foundation for continued community growth. The building will present its "best face" along Main Street and welcome those entering the town, preserving and enhancing what is unique and intrinsic to Buda. A combined customer service point will reduce redundancy, streamline processes, and provide flexibility for future growth. The City Hall and Library building will strengthen an already vibrant community.  

Municipal Building Renderings (Left Click for Larger Image) 

Commons Area

Municipal Building Commons Area

Customer Service Area

Customer Service Area


Municipal Building Looking South

Exterior Facing South

Municipal Building South Entry

City Council Chambers