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Jul 17

City Park Construction Update - July 17, 2019

Posted on July 17, 2019 at 8:27 AM by David Marino

Buda City Park Construction Update Video - July 17, 2019

The construction crew is hard at work at Buda City Park.    

“I think it’s an exciting project," said Mari Rodriguez Barr, Owner and President of The Barr Company.    

In December of 2018, City Council awarded the contract for the City Park improvement project to The Barr Company.

Then in March, the contractor demolished the old restrooms and took down the playground equipment, some of which will be repurposed.  

A notice to proceed with construction was issued on April 29.

 “We started with the infrastructure of course, which means the site utilities and all of the underground electrical. So, we’re building the ground back up.”

In June of 2018, the Public Works Department began grading approximately 43 acres ahead of the amphitheater construction, saving the City $658,000. Currently, the construction crew is working on the amphitheater and the circular 10-foot sidewalk that will surround the lawn area.  

 “Our landscaping subcontractor is already on board. They are going to be working on the area that is already completed, which is the large circle with the lighting and the big sidewalk.  That scope of work is so large that he needs to be able to start right now."

Other improvements include a splash-pad and two playground areas.

“What you will see first is a large round area for the splash pad being poured. Then there is very large wall with stones on it that will get built. That gets integrated with the water feature. It’s actually going to be a very natural scene.”

 There is also a games area, including a volleyball court.   

“There is a lawn area. There is a nice grilling area. It will have the grills inset and there will be granite surfaces.”  

 And there is no shortage of trees in the new and improved City Park.  

 “There are hundreds of trees, there are all different kinds of trees. One of the things that is a little bit different about this park, is that they have asked for the larger specimens. It’s going to start out looking more finished than other parks would be. A lot of times what people do is allow things to grow in place. It will look more like the second or third year versus the first year when this gets done.”

Substantial completion of City Park is scheduled for April of 2020.  

“The park is actually very well put together. And it has a lot of fun and different elements depending on what interest people might have.”

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