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Jul 24

Main Street Improvement Project (Between Cabela's Drive and Railroad Street) - July 24, 2019

Posted on July 24, 2019 at 4:38 PM by David Marino

Main Street Improvement Project (Between Cabela's Drive and Railroad Street) VIDEO

Construction on Main, between Cabela’s Drive and Railroad Street, is gearing up. The improvement project is part of a bond passed in November 2014 aimed at improving streets, parks, drainage, and facilities.  

"Contractors are already on the ground starting to lay down their equipment. We ask for the neighbors patience and the businesses patience on getting this done," said Kenny Crawford, Project Manager for the City of Buda. "The community voted to have it happen and now we’re able to get it done.”

The project will be done in three phases, starting with the south lanes of Main. This includes a light at the intersection of Main and Sequoyah. Sequoyah going northbound to Main Street will be closed for 3 to 4 weeks. However, Sequoyah will remain open to southbound drivers, meaning motorists will be able to turn on to Sequoyah from Main. This is the only road closure associated with the project. Phase 1 is expected to be wrapped up by the end of December.       

During construction, Main Street will be reduced to two lanes for two-way traffic and will remain open throughout the duration of the project.  

“Businesses, the neighbors, and people who have access to right of way and to the main road will have access to it. They will not be impeded.” 

For example, residents living in Bradfield Village will have access to Main during construction.  

The second phase of the project will focus on the north lanes of Main. It is anticipated to start in January of 2020 and is expected to be done by late April of 2020. This includes the widening of the Bradfield Drive and Main Street intersection to include left and right turn lanes. 

“There will light adjustments at Bradfield Road. The community there at some point will have to cross a construction lane. But they will stay have access to the road, as well as the access they have on the other side of the neighborhood.”

Other improvements included the extension of the sidewalk along Main Street and improved accessibility to Bradfield Park.

Meanwhile, the section of Main Street that is lined with Oak trees will not be widened. 

“The community identifies with these beautiful oaks. We’re not going to damage those. So the design is specifically avoiding damaging these root systems throughout Main Street here. The width of that section will not change, but it will improve for the safety of the drivers as well as people that are walking down the sidewalk.”

The third phase of the project focuses on the middle lanes of Main. It is slated to begin in April and should be done by early May of 2020. The entire project expected to be finished by June 21, 2020.   

 “I’m excited about this project. I’m excited for the community of Buda. I think it is going to be something where we will be able to make an impact for a very long time as we continue to grow and improve the City.”