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Sep 05

Keep the Air Clean and Conserve Energy!

Posted on September 5, 2019 at 1:22 PM by Micah Grau

By Brittany Davis, Sustainability Commissioner, City of Buda
July 15, 2019

Air quality is important because it affects how we live and breathe. Because air quality can change daily, just like the weather, the Capital Area Council of Governments (CAPGOG) continuously monitors the air quality index. Air quality is measured using ground level ozone, particle pollution, carbon monoxide, and sulfur dioxide levels. Depending on the value of the air quality index, some individuals may experience health concerns, particularly among children and older adults (more information about air quality from the Environmental Protection Agency, here). 

Here in Texas, we use a lot of energy to keep ourselves cool. In fact, Texas generates more electricity than all other states (see But, there is much we can do to help reduce the air quality index and improve overall air pollution. These small steps can keep ozone levels lower and keep us all healthier.  
1. Conserve energy – at home, at work, everywhere! (turn off the lights when you leave home, use ceiling fans to keep your house cool, run dishwasher or washing machine only when completely full)
2. Carpool, bike, or walk whenever possible
3. Routinely replace your air filters (this can reduce energy use by 15%)
4. Be sure your tires are properly inflated
5. Clean your air conditioner coils
6. Keep your car, boat, and other engines properly tuned
7. Use environmentally sage paints and cleaning products whenever possible
8. Mulch of compost leaves and yard waste
9. Refuel your car in the evening, when it is cooler
10. Avoid excessive idling of your automobile

More tips are available on the Environmental Protection Agency website, here and the Take Care of Texas website, here.

The City of Buda Sustainability commission challenges you to implement two of the suggestions above to make your contribution to a better, cleaner, Buda. 

Take Care of Texas Air Quality
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Our August blog will discuss our Dark Skies initiative. You won’t want to miss that one!

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