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Oct 23

Celebrate Arbor Day - Friday, November 1st

Posted on October 23, 2019 at 8:25 AM by Micah Grau

Heritage TreeTexas Arbor Day is upon us once again.  We are fortunate to live in a city with great respect for tress and our natural environment.  Please take a few minutes to read about Arbor Day and the simple things you might do to participate.

The history of Arbor Day:

Rather than look backward to events of the past, Arbor Day looks forward with promise for a future filled with trees. Arbor Day celebrates planting and nurturing trees and all the ways trees enrich our lives and stabilize our environment.

While the purpose of Arbor Day lies in the future, it has an interesting history to earn a spot on the calendar. Historians trace Arbor Day’s origins back to the fifth century when Swiss villagers gathered to plant groves of oak trees. Adults turned the event into a festival and children were given treats as a reward for their help planting trees.

Arbor Day first appeared in the United States in 1872. J. Sterling Morton is credited with guiding this country’s first Arbor Day resolution through the Nebraska state legislature in that year. Residents of the Great Plains recognized how much trees could do for them, and they enthusiastically embraced Morton’s vision.”

Read the full article at the Texas A&M Forest Service website, under “Explore the History of Arbor Day”

You no doubt noticed the dates being in the spring.  Since this is a day to celebrate trees, and to plant more for the future, the ability of the newly planted trees and saplings to survive is important.  This is why Texas now celebrates Arbor Day in November.

City of Buda: Arbor Day activities

Did you know?  Oak Wilt is one of the leading threats to the many live oak trees in Central Texas. To learn more, click here for information on when to trim your trees to prevent the spread of Oak Wilt.

Humor Break:

What is Arbor Day?  The answer comes from Sally Brown, Charlie Brown’s sister. 

"Oh, that's simple. That's the day when all the ships come sailing into the arbor!"