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Dec 17

Pledge to Recycle in 2020!

Posted on December 17, 2019 at 5:34 PM by Micah Grau

By Sustainability Commissioner Blake Farrar

After the bustle of the holidays, many spend time reflecting on the past year and making plans for the new one. Make recycling more a resolution for 2020!

One of the most important parts of recycling is knowing what is recyclable and what is not. While not everything is recyclable, a lot of waste can be diverted from landfills if you take the time to ensure it is recycled properly.

Curbside recycling in Buda is provided by Texas Disposal Systems. TDS accepts a variety of recyclables, but it is important to make sure that items you place in your bin are accepted. Items placed in the bin with good intentions often end up in the landfill due to lack of information on what is and what is not accepted. A few of the most common items thrown into recycling bins that should NOT be placed in bins are plastic bags, clothing hangers and garden hoses. These items are not recyclable through our curb side service and they also cause harm to the recycling machinery, making it more costly to recycle other items placed in the bin.  Instead of placing them in your recycling bin, plastic bags may be recycled at the entrance of many grocery stores. To find a location, visit

Please remember that curbside recycling is limited to what can fit inside your bin, as well as flattened/tied bundles of cardboard up to 10 boxes. Other items placed outside of the bin may not be picked up. For more information on what is recyclable curbside in Buda, go to the TDS website or view this flyer to see what items can be recycled and which cannot.

TDS Recycling Reduced

In addition to the curbside recycling program, TDS offers green waste to City of Buda residents. Twice per month, residents can place lawn clippings, tree branches, and other green material at the curb in brown paper bags. This material is then composted as opposed to taking up space in the landfill.

To learn more about the services offered through Texas Disposal Systems and to learn your pick-up dates, visit There you can download the WasteWizard App to see your schedule and to get reminders of your pick-up dates.

Many items that are not accepted through curbside recycling may be recycled with little effort if you just know where to take them. Batteries, used motor oil, paint and other hazardous items can be recycled in or near Buda. A good way to locate a recycling facility is to go to Earth911, Click ‘Where to Recycle’ at the top of the page, select the item you wish to recycle from the menu on the left, then enter your Zip Code. This will provide you with the name, address and information on the recycling locations nearest you.

Also, please make sure that old or unused medications find their way to the proper location as well. There is a drop box for these items available in the lobby of the Buda Police Department located near City Hall during office hours. Finally, be on the lookout for events around town as the City and partner organizations hold hazardous waste recycling and electronic recycling events, accept Christmas light recycling at the City Hall during the holidays and other similar activities. If you have any suggestions for ways to improve recycling or ideas for future events, please reach out to the Sustainability Commission as we would love to hear from you!