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Updates about the five propositions passed in the November 2014 election.

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Dec 29

December 15, 2015 Council Update

Posted on December 29, 2015 at 9:53 AM by Melinda Hodges

The Bond Team and staff gave an update on all propositions at the December 15th council meeting.

Propositions No. 1 & 2 – Municipal Building and Public Safety Office
The extreme rain event that took place on Friday, October 30, demonstrated to the project team how much water is conveyed and at the velocity of flooding that can occur on the site when a storm event, greater than a 25-year storm, occurs.  Continued studies and modeling of the drainage upstream of the municipal site confirmed that there is additional flow through the site than the current city model (2001 Loomis drainage report). The drainage feature on the municipal site is currently sized to the additional off-site flow.  The cost to construct the drainage feature is being studied by ECM, JEDunn, Page and Doucet. Garza Bury, under Page, is conducting a third party confirmation of the upstream drainage information and municipal site drainage feature design because of the critical nature of placing the city hall, emergency operations center and police department adjacent to flood plains.  The Old Town Watershed drains through the municipal site, and all improvements in this area impact the design of the municipal site. The timing of the design and construction of the upstream improvements do not benefit the municipal site. A conference call was held on 12/8/2016 with all engineers from all propositions to coordinate the stormwater flow information.

There was a Water Quality Requirement Meeting on 11/3. ECM, Page and Doucet met with Chance Sparks, Stanley Fees and Reynaldo Gonzalez with Binkley Barfield to discuss the city of Buda development code and stormwater quality requirements. Stormwater detention is not required on this site because it is on the downstream end of flow to Onion Creek. Stormwater quality is required to meet city code for environmental protection.

There was a Public Safety Design Meeting on 12/7. ECM, Page and Doucet met with steering committee and Police Department Staff. The team reviewed updated floor plan, parking and site features for Public Safety Building. The PD chief, captain and staff approved the proposed floor plan and parking layout. All departmental adjacencies and programmed spaces were met with the design. Next steps are building massing, studies with the drainage features, adjacent trees and challenging grading on this area of the site. After the meeting, the design team walked the site with the current site plan and noted the low canopies of trees immediately adjacent to the buildings. The design team will require a detailed tree assessment with tree canopies and critical root zone locations. Some trees will be impacted and some removed to fit all building and site program components on this site.

Proposition No. 3 – Transportation
Phase I evaluation continues for the Main Street and San Antonio Street projects.  Additional concepts are being developed for both projects based on meetings with the City and design team for the City Park improvements. A land title evaluation is being conducted for a particular property that could offer additional flexibility in the design concepts for the San Antonio intersection at Main Street. Final Schematics are being prepared for the Old Goforth and RM 967 at Main Street projects.

Survey activities are substantially complete for all the projects.  Right of Entry for all four projects has been substantially completed for the purpose of completing the schematic phase.  Utility investigations are currently on-going for all projects. Utility coordination for proposed wastewater utilities (by others) anticipated along the Main Street corridor is currently on-going. The lab work for the Geotechnical studies is almost complete and draft reports for the projects will be prepared based on the field assessments.

The final report for the tree assessment along San Antonio Street was being revised and will be submitted to HDR for final approval.

Drainage evaluation of the contributing watersheds continues to be coordinated between the Municipal Site and Main Street Improvement projects. A meeting was coordinated between several of the design teams associated with the bond improvements to discuss the drainage situation affecting the municipal site. Direction was given to await preliminary analysis from the drainage improvements project at Old Goforth before additional evaluation is continued.

Proposition No. 4 – Drainage
Hydraulic modeling is running for Drainage Areas 1, 2, and 3.  Modeling for Area 4 is being modified.  Subsurface Utility Engineering is underway.  The preliminary field surveys for Hydrologic and Hydraulic analysis is complete.

Proposition No. 5 – Parks & Trails
It is anticipated that the Park survey will be completed by Chaparral by Dec. 10th.  Schematic Design of the City Park projects is underway and the team is working on two different programmatic alternatives of the plan.  Design Workshop met with the City, Klotz and HDR on Nov. 24th to discuss the teams’ ideas for Main Street and San Antonio Street.  There were a number of different ideas also discussed regarding the Garrison Rd, Main St., and San Antonio intersection.

Parks & Trails Facility Maintenance Building – Schematic design continues.

Project Schedule
As stated above in Propositions 1 & 2, it is unknown at this time what impact the analysis of engineering options and complete drainage study will have on the schedule. A design meeting with staff is scheduled for Dec 14th to review drainage design options.  The project teams are working quickly to minimize and impact. All other propositions are proceeding as scheduled.