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Updates about the five propositions passed in the November 2014 election.

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Mar 18

March 2016 Updates

Posted on March 18, 2016 at 2:39 PM by Melinda Hodges

Propositions 1 & 2 – Municipal Building and Public Safety Office

On March 7, members of the steering committee met with Page at their office to see a presentation of the 50% schematic design, where the committee members got their first look at the schematic design.  At this stage in design, the floor plans were discussed and some minor changes were requested in both the City Hall and Public Safety Office.  It was also the first time that Page presented the first building elevation rendering of the Municipal Building.  This rendering is Page’s interpretation of discussions had with the steering committee and City Council.  Page explained their thought processes used to shape the building, select the materials for the building exterior, location of glass, and shapes of the roofs.  This is all still conceptual in nature and subject to change.  The steering committee members provided their opinions and comments to Page; those comments will be discussed among the designers.  The library design was not ready to be shown at that time but will be presented and discussed at the March 14th meeting.

A revised schedule will be presented to City Council on March 15.

Proposition No. 3 – Transportation
HDR presented design options for all the street projects at the last City Council.  The Council voted unanimously that no trees were to be affected in any way on Main Street.  All of the options presented to Council affect at least two trees.  Council asked city staff and HDR to go back and think outside the box to come up with other alternatives.  A meeting was held on March 7 to begin thinking about other options.

Proposition No. 4 – Drainage
The Draft Preliminary Engineering Report (PER), for all drainage projects, was delivered to the City and is currently under review.  A meeting will be held the week of March 14 to go over review comments, in preparation of the final report by Freese and Nichols.  The Final Design phase will then begin on the agreed upon recommended project improvements.

Proposition No. 5 – Parks and Trails
Design Workshop was given a tour of the newly purchased parkland and they have started to develop ideas of what improvements could be made to it.  Drew Wells is going to give the Parks and Trails Commission and Committee members a tour of the property on March 19.  From there, he is going to have a meeting to discuss what they think should be done to develop the parkland.  They will also discuss how to re-prioritize the current list of projects to include possible projects on the new parkland.

ECM is gathering all of the costs associated with the purchase of this property and will be updating the Total Project Cost (TPC) for this proposition.