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Jan 12

Heritage tree Relocation at Municipal Site

Posted on January 12, 2017 at 2:27 PM by David Marino

Preparation is underway to relocate a 53” diameter live oak tree located on the site where Buda’s future Municipal Complex will be constructed (Corner of Main & E. Loop St.). At the recommendation of the Historic Preservation Commission, the City Council made the decision to preserve and relocate the heritage tree within the site. The City of Buda Unified Development
Code establishes that protected tree species greater than 20” in diameter are classified as heritage trees and are therefore afforded special consideration and protection under the code. This tree is approximately 260 years old.  

The City of Buda has an established record of protecting large trees and heritage trees when it comes to other public projects. In February of 2016 City Council members voiced their opposition to any transportation plan that would have an impact on the historic trees along Main Street.    

 JE Dunn, the City’s General contractor, is overseeing and supervising the preparation and care of the heritage tree during the excavating and pre-move activities.

“The prep work consists of determining the outreach of the root system, digging around the root system, wrapping and securing the root ball, as the contractor continues to excavate around the tree in preparation for the move,” said City of Buda Project Manager Ray Creswell. “The entire tree will be placed and secured on a large steel pipe framed platform to safely move the tree intact.” 

Below is the schedule for the project.

Week of  January 16th: The tree should be fully piped and beams will be installed with a chain tensioning system. Large excavators will be delivered by the end of week and excavating could begin on the receiving hole for the tree. 

Week of January 23rd: This is moving week. The tree should be relocated and installed at some point during this week. It will take several days to move the tree.

Week of January 30th: Cleanup, demobilize and move equipment out. Crews will finalize irrigation work for the tree.     

It’s expected to take approximately three days to physically move the tree to its new location at the southeast corner of the Municipal Site.  During the tree relocation process, the City will post pictures and video clips to our social media sites(Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube). We will also update the bond blog.

Residents interested in viewing the tree being moved should park at Stagecoach Park and then walk up the sidewalk along Main Street in front of the Municipal Site. Citizens will not be allowed on the site, but will be able to watch the tree relocation process through the fence.