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Mar 14

Investing in Buda: How Bond Projects Impact the Local Economy

Posted on March 14, 2017 at 3:55 PM by David Marino

What was once an empty lot at the corner of Main and E. Loop Street is now buzzing with activity. The future site of the Municipal Complex is filled with construction equipment and workers. From this point on, things are going to get even busier when it comes to our bond projects.  

It’s been a little over two years since Buda citizens approved the November 2014 bond. If you weren’t living here at the time of the election, we’ll give you a little refresher on what exactly was approved. The bond is comprised of five propositions that address facilities, streets, drainage, and parks and trails. The construction you’re seeing on Main Street is the future Municipal Complex. It includes a new City Hall and Library in one building and a new Public Safety Building which will house the Buda Police Department. The Public Safety Building is expected to be finished by October of this year. The Municipal Building should be completed by April of 2018.    

Before the end of the year work will begin on some of the street improvement and drainage projects. That means you’re going to see even more work happening. With all of the activity in the coming months, you will deal with some inconveniences, like detours or road closures.  While these growing pains may cause a few headaches, we want to point out that bond projects like this have a positive effect on our local economy.  

Projects funded by municipal bonds often have a positive impact by creating jobs and improving the quality of life. A number of local businesses are working with us on the bond projects, including: Davey Plumbing Company, Buda Woodworks, Merval Construction Company, and Construction Metal Products. Using local businesses helps pour money back into our economy.  

The City’s general contractor, JE Dunn, will be on the Municipal site throughout the duration of the project. On any given day you will find dozens of construction workers on site (20 or more.) These same workers are purchasing meals, buying fuel, and shopping in Buda. In turn, they are supporting local businesses. As additional bond projects begin, more workers will come to town. The hope is that some of them will like what they see here in Buda and come back to visit on their own time.  In the end, it’s a win-win situation for our City.       

When the bond projects are finished you will have a greatly improved infrastructure. The City’s streets, drainage, parks and trails, and facilities will help improve the quality of life in the town you call home. Buda is already a wonderful town to live in and these projects will only make it better!        

David Marino
Public Information Officer

Click the link below for a complete overview of the bond projects: