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Jun 23

Municipal Complex Update - June 23, 2017

Posted on June 23, 2017 at 5:50 PM by David Marino

Another week has gone by and it’s been a busy one at the Municipal Complex site. From roofing to exterior walls, there is a lot going on.
“It really is surprising how much they do in one week’s time. I was looking at photographs from three weeks ago to today and you would not believe the amount of progress that has transpired,” said Project Director Ray Creswell.           
The transformation of the Municipal Facility is obvious. Exterior walls have gone up for the City Hall portion of the building and there is even more going on inside.
“They’re currently right now installing all insulation into the exterior walls. We just performed an electrical walk through to make sure all the outlets were at the right location and were the right heights. All the boxes for the AV/IT are in the right location.”
Crews have been busy putting in the polished concrete for the public space. This area will have a main entry on both sides of the building. It’s where citizens will pay bills and it also serves as an entry point into City Hall and the library.    
“They held off on the polished concrete until all of the steel was in place. And since the steel is all up and the roof deck is on, it was time to go ahead and get the polished concrete in place.”  
Work on both levels of the roof at the public safety building is underway and work continues on the inside of the building.  
“They’re insulating duct work at this point, finalizing locations for the sprinkler heads, finalizing all the in wall electrical communication as well as AV and IT locations.”
Meanwhile, progress is being made on the drainage channel.  
“That has considerably expanded. The bedrock on the bottom of the channel is being finalized. They will be finishing up at the point where the pedestrian bridge is and they will start framing the pedestrian bridge next week.”
Crews are still on schedule. The Public Safety building is slated to open in October or November of this year, while the Municipal Building is scheduled for completion in April of 2018.    
For the video version of this story, click on the link here:   
Municipal Complex Video Update - June 23, 2017