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Apr 13

April 2015 Bond Update

Posted on April 13, 2015 at 3:22 PM by Melinda Hodges

From our project managers:

Work is underway on the bond package, though you may not have seen anything yet. That’s because this early work is largely design and feasibility work, along with detailed financial planning.

Actual construction won’t start for months and not before the City goes back to citizens for a public review of design and progress. But the bond team is at work on a number of fronts:

  • Land Purchase – As you may have heard, the City has purchased land on Main Street for a new municipal complex (library, city hall, and city courts), and an adjacent police and emergency services building. The land is at the NW corner of Chisholm Trail and Main Street, in front of Jardine’s Foods. We are preparing documents to be published this spring for architects, engineers, and, later, builders, to submit proposals to design and build the site, using a “Construction Manager at Risk” delivery system.
  • Financial Planning – The City’s financial team is following up on work done before the bond package was submitted to voters, planning several years in advance to figure out when we will need to actually sell City bonds to pay for the improvements, and how to structure the timing and debt payments to the City’s best long-term advantage. Right now, the City Manager and City Council are looking at selling the bonds in two or three installments, to save on interest payments.
  • Park Improvements – City staff and our bond project managers are also working with a group of citizen advisors, including members of the City’s Parks and Recreation Committee, to develop detailed design ideas on how to execute the bond improvements to parks and trails.
  • Main Street Improvements – Another big issue right now is Main Street. The bond package includes money to widen the two-lane part of Main Street from the railroad tracks back toward I-35 (basically, Cedar Street to Bradfield Drive). Before any detailed design begins, we’re doing preliminary engineering and survey to study alternatives on several key design questions – whether future traffic in the area is likely to demand a center turn lane or four lanes, where all the existing utilities are and what the cost would be to relocate them, if necessary, and how best to save as many trees as possible. There are some beautiful oaks in this area that no one wants to lose unless it’s unavoidable or just prohibitively expensive, so we’ve told our engineers to be creative. We also want advice and comment from as many of you as possible before we make these decisions that will affect this historic entrance into downtown Buda, so once we have more detailed information about options and cost, the City will be hosting a public meeting to hear which ideas citizens think work best.
  • Downtown, Drainage, and Other Streets – There’s plenty happening with other projects, too, though right now most of it is “prep work.”
Watch our website for more updates on a regular basis as we move forward.       

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