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Aug 09

Municipal Complex Update - Aug. 9, 2017

Posted on August 9, 2017 at 7:24 PM by David Marino

The layout for the new City Hall and Library building is falling into place.

“Currently they are doing the interior wall layout. They are beginning to do the framing for the library and the public space. Ninety-five percent of the interior walls are up on the City Hall portion of the building,” said Project Manager Ray Creswell.  "Right now on City Hall the exterior finishes are going up, the stone is in place, and they are putting the exterior windows in. The entire exterior wall for the municipal building is up. They are in the process of putting the water proofing the exterior of the library and public space.”

Meanwhile, the pedestrian bridge still has a few steps to go before completion.      

Inside the Public Safety building they are finishing up the interior finishes and floor grinding is done.     

“The Public Safety building is moving quite well. All of the exterior windows are in place. They are beginning to go up with the exterior stucco. The stone and roofing is complete. The rooftop mechanical systems are also in place.”

Curb and gutters for the parking areas are being completed.

Both buildings are still on schedule. 

The Public Safety building will open at the end of October and the new City Hall and Library will open in April of 2018.

You can watch the video version of the story here:  Municipal Complex Update Video - Aug. 9, 2017