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May 16

Municipal Building Update - May 16, 2018

Posted on May 16, 2018 at 1:11 PM by David Marino

Municipal Building Update - May 16, 2018

The new Municipal Building (City Hall/Library) will open later this summer.   

“The project is moving along. Right now we are in the correction phase regarding any punch list items and items that we added after the fact. Those are being completed as we speak,” said Project Manager Ray Creswell.

Project Manager Ray Creswell has overseen construction on the Municipal Building from day one.   

“Most of the exterior is complete at this point. There are still some minor items that are being corrected with the landscaping. All the irrigation is recyclable water that we are using. ”  

Furniture will start arriving within the next couple of weeks. 

“The furniture will start arriving the first part of June. The bulk of the furnishings will start coming in at the end of June. It will take them about a week to install."    

From the large lobby to our new 25,000 square foot library, the new building will enhance city services.     

“I really think the building is going to be a great asset for the city, not only for the city government, but for the citizens themselves.” 

Staff is expected to move in at the end of July. The new library is expected to open in August. It will take them some time to put all of the new items on the shelves.